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What is Mcafee? – It is a Multi-national American global computer security software company providing threat intelligence network, endpoint protection and security information services. It serves government, education and consumer clients across the world. Also, it focuses on security solutions and has become one of the most famous antivirus brands in this field. Along with this, it is laden with a lot of advanced security features.

McAfee produces products for both Enterprise and Consumers. Therefore to access the security features users should have a McAfee login account. McAfee gives users the capability to protect and safeguard their device against spyware, malware and other unwanted threats.

Key Features of McAfee

McAfee antivirus software offers security features to protect the system against virus, malware and online threats. It is built on an integration and automation based platform, that helps to solve all security challenges. Although multiple reasons encourage people to choose McAfee products, therefore below given are outstanding features of McAfee. 

McAfee antivirus is designed to detect the presence of the malware, virus, spyware and online threats. Moreover, once the user purchases any product, they receive a McAfee Product Key to access their product. Hence it is popularly known for its products and services. Therefore, several crucial features make McAfee the best amongst other security products. So, the critical features of McAfee include:

Real-time scanning – The McAfee products have a dynamic scanning feature that repeatedly checks the computer for the presence of malicious entities. 

Automatic updates – The McAfee products are capable of installing the available updates automatically and frequently. 

Protection for Multiple Apps – McAfee products are designed to protect multiple vulnerable applications from virus and potential dangers. 

Auto-clean – Once the virus or malware gets detected, then it will delete the virus itself immediately.

 So, the above stated are the features of McAfee products. Moreover, the users should have Mcafee Login credentials to avail benefits of the McAfee products. Therefore, below we have discussed the procedure through which, they can download and install the McAfee products.

How to create my Mcafee Account?

McAfee provides excellent security features to safeguard the device against virus, spyware and malware. It offers the perfect solution to get rid of the virus. Also, it enables the users to take benefits of the McAfee products. But the users will have to create McAfee login account. So, follow the below enlisted are the steps to create McAfee account.


      • Firstly visit the official website, i.e., to create “McAfee login” account.
      • After this, click on “Register Now.”
      • Now fill in the necessary details and then click on “I Agree.”
      • After clicking on the “I Agree”option, the McAfee account will get created.

So, these steps were regarding how to create McAfee Account. 

How to activate McAfee Product Key?

When any user purchases the McAfee antivirus product, then they get the McAfee Product key along with the product. So, to take benefits of the advanced features of McAfee, users should activate their McAfee product key. Therefore, below we have described the steps to activate the product key.

Mcafee Login,
    1. Open the link, i.e. that is provided on the retail card. 
    2. After this, from there, select the country>language>device type.
    3. Then access the Mcafee Login account with the Mcafee account credentials. 
    4. After this, enter the McAfee product key.  
    5. Note: The offline buyers can check for the McAfee product key at the back of the retail card.
    6. After entering the product key, proceed further with the downloading and installation procedure.
    • Now click on “Install on the PC.”
    • After that, proceed further and tap on the “Agree and Download” button.
    • Then, “.exe file” start downloading.
    • Now once the file gets downloaded, then open the file and click on “Yes.”
    • After this, a new pop up window will open on the screen, then click on the “Install” button.
    • Then wait for the installation procedure to get completed.
    • In the end, click on the “Done” button.

McAfee Product Key

McAfee product key is a unique 25 character alpha-numeric encryption code used to set up McAfee antivirus. Therefore, through the product key, the user can activate the follow McAfee products mentioned below.

How to renew McAfee Product?

The users, who have a subscription for the McAfee products, can update and upgrade their subscription plan. Therefore, for all users, we have here mentioned the steps to renew MacAfee products.

        • Open
        • After this, take the cursor to the “My Account” option.
        • Then click on the “sign-in” option.
        • Now enter the mandatory credentials to renew the McAfee product.
        • Once the user gets to the McAfee login account, then take the cursor on the “My Account” button.
        • From there, click on the “subscriptions” option.
        • After this, click on renew for the certain service.
        • Now once the renewal procedure gets completed, then a confirmation of the purchase will appear on the screen.
        • Moreover, the user can access their purchase history from the subscription page again.

So, by applying all the entire procedure, the user can renew the McAfee subscription plan. Make sure that the users having an account can renew their subscription plan.

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