Mcafee Internet Security – Complete Online Protection for your PC or Mac.

Mcafee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security provides real-time protection to your PC against cyberattacks. It includes a wide range range of features such as Phishing Detection, Identity Theft Protection, Fast Scans, Web and Email Protection, Parental Controls, Online Backup, Secure Browsing, and more. You can easily set up the McAfee Internet Security product on your device by following this guide. .

Complete Process To Download McAfee Internet Security

To download the software on your PC, follow the step-by-step guidelines that are quoted below. 

  1. To commence the download process, you first have to visit McAfee official website. In accordance with that, simply open a web browser and type the URL i.e in the address bar.
  2.  Once you press the Enter key on your keyboard, the McAfee homepage will be displayed on your screen. Click on the “My Account” option and following this, select “Sign In” from the menu displayed.
  3.  Provide your Email Id and Password into their corresponding fields and click on the “Log In” tab. On your account page, make a selection for your product and operating system. Then, click Download. 
  4. Select the McAfee License Agreement checkbox after reading it, take a note of the Serial Number, and click “Download” again. 
  5. Now, wait till the software download is completed. When you see that the download is successfully done, you can proceed with the installation.

Install the Software Based On Your Operating System


The installation process for Windows is quite simple and easy. Go to the Downloads folder and locate the McAfee Internet Security setup file. In order to install the application, you have to double-click the file. With this, a dialog box will come into view, simply click on the Install button and the installation will be completed within a few seconds.


  1. For executing the installation process on Mac, the first step is to open “Finder”. You will find the Applications folder on the left side of the Finder window. Click on it and spot the setup file. 
  2. Then, open the setup file and proceed forward by clicking on the McAfee Installer icon. A pop-up box will be shown to you asking your confirmation to launch the Installer window, click Open. 
  3. For security reasons and to make changes to your system, you will be asked to enter your Mac administrative credentials. So, provide the accurate Username and Password and click OK.
  4.  This will bring up a new window where you will be asked to provide the Serial Number. Enter the serial number that you have noted down earlier and then click on the Next button. 
  5. McAfee Internet Security installation will begin and it may take some time depending on the speed of your internet. In between the installation process, you will view a pop-up box of “Network Type Selection”. Choose between “Home or work” or “Public” wifi and click Save. 
  6. This will end the installation of your Internet Security software. Click Finish and then restart your Mac to enable protection. So, in this manner, you can easily install McAfee Internet Security on your Mac.

McAfee Internet Security Installation Issues and Troubleshooting

  1. If you are using the private/incognito mode for visiting, you may face installation issues. It may be possible that the EULA page appears on your screen is blank or the product serial number is not shown. Due to this, you will not be able to install the product. To resolve this issue, disable the private mode and launch the McAfee website using the normal mode of the web browser. 
  2. In case your McAfee Internet Security product is not installed, it may due to any Third-Party Firewall apps installed on your system. Firewalls often block the installation of some software and do not let you complete the setup. So, disable the Firewall and then try to install the product. 
  3. If you select the incorrect Operating System Version while downloading the software, the setup file will not open and shows you an error. In such cases, you have to download the setup file again by selecting the correct operating system and then perform the installation process. 
  4. There are situations when the Mac Installer window freezes and does not allow you to complete the installation. If you face this issue, first of all, unplug all the external devices that are connected to your Mac. Also, go to the Apple icon, select the System Preferences option, and it will display a list of options. Select “Time Machine” and then turn it Off. If the issue still persists, disconnect all the wireless devices like printers or scanners that are connected to your Mac. 
  5. If the installation starts but does not complete, there may be general network problems. To fix this issue, shut down your PC and turn off your router for a few seconds. Then, turn on both your router and computer and enable Wifi on it. Now, try to install McAfee Internet Security software
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