Mcafee Removal Tool – How to remove McAfee Products from your Device.

Mcafee Removal Tool

McAfee is a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity software that provides top-notch protection from all the cyber threats. However, there might be times when you need to uninstall the software. The reasons for the software can be different with the different users. Regardless of the reason backing your decision, you can remove the software easily without putting in a lot of effort. There are multiple ways to perform the process. One of the highly used and beneficial methods for this is through the removal tool offered by McAfee. McAfee Removal Tool is a free of cost tool that helps to remove and uninstall the McAfee product that you have already installed on your device. This software is compatible with the Windows device. Using this software, you can remove all the traces of McAfee software from your system.

Pre-requirements for the Seamless Usage of software:

To enjoy a hassle-free procedure, you first have to fulfill some of the pre-requirements. 

  • You must have access to the high-speed private network connection
  • Installed McAfee software on your computer system
  • Before you use the McAfee removal tool try manual procedures of uninstalling the software
  • All your open files must be saved, as this process might result in loss of the unsaved files
  • Make sure all the files are close

Procedure for McAfee Removal Tool Setup and Usage

Below-stated is the step-by-step procedure for the setup and usage of the top-rated removal tool. For uninstalling the Mcafee cybersecurity software from your system, you first have to download it. Further, you have to install it. While installing the removal tool, your software will also get erased from your system. Follow the given procedure carefully and sequentially for completing the process successfully.

Note: Your system will be subject to various risks after uninstalling the McAfee software. Once the McAfee software gets uninstalled, your system will no longer be protected. Hence, you are suggested to reinstall the software as soon as possible.

Download the Tool-

  1. Commence the Mcafee uninstallation process on Windows device via Mcafee Removal Tool by launching an internet surfing browser on your computer system. 
  2. In the empty address field of your browser, invade the Mcafee website URL. In other words, simply enter “”.
  3. Then, move to the Support window and look for the removal tool download link. You can search the document that contains the link using the document ID “TS101331”. 
  4. This will bring up the desired uninstallation document. In the McAfee uninstallation document, scroll down the screen and click the link provided in it. 
  5. The download will begin immediately after clicking the link. Within a minute or two, the file will get downloaded on your device. Until its completion, wait patiently.

Installation and Usage-

  1. Start off the process by running the Mcafee removal tool installation wizard. The pre-installed McAfee software will be removed from your device with the installation process only. You don’t have to execute the uninstallation separately. 
  2. For launching the wizard, search for the setup file that you just have downloaded on your system. You can check the default download location which is generally the Downloads folder. However, if you have customized the settings, then locate the file accordingly. 
  3. Once you get the access to the file, click it twice. 
  4. This will bring up the User Account Security popup box. UAS is the security tool by Windows for protecting your device from unwanted changes. This popup box asks you to permit the McAfee Removal Tool application to make the changes it requires for the successful procedure. 
  5. After granting the permission, the installation wizard will come in sight. 
  6. In the welcome/primary window, click the “Next” tab. 
  7. The following screen will display the user agreement. This document will contain the terms and conditions for using the McAfee Removal Tool. Carefully examine the stated terms and accept them. For acceptance, you need to click the “Agree” box. 
  8. Afterwards, the Security Validation screen will prompt. In this screen, you will find an image displaying a few characters. Enter the same characters in the field provided underneath. While you invade the characters, make sure that they are case-sensitive. 
  9. Once done, click “Next” and secure the software uninstallation process. 
  10. The McAfee software uninstallation process will now commence. On the completion of the process, the successful message will come up on your screen. 
  11. To conclude the process and finish the process successfully, you have to restart your device. 
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