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mcafee stinger

McAfee stinger is a standalone software that is designed to remove certain computer viruses and infections. It is not only an anti-virus but rather a utility used to remove willful infections that are difficult to remove. It also includes Real Protect, which means that it has a real-time behavior detection program that monitors suspicious activities on the system. Moreover, the real protect feature uses machine learning and automated behavioral based classifications in the cloud to track down zero-day infections.

How to Use McAfee Stinger?

McAfee stinger has the next-generation scan technology, including scan performance optimization and rootkit scanning. It spots and removes the threats placed under the “Threat List” option available under “Advanced Menu” options in the stringer application.

McAfee Stinger scans for running processes, rootkits, and loaded modules. It is easy to use; the user will have to select the folders or drive to scan and hit a button. Thus, the user should choose an action to perform if a virus or malware is detected and outline which type of folder to scan.

Moreover, here we have discussed how to use McAfee Stringer in detail. So, through the help of the information provided here, it would become easy for all users to get familiar with McAfee Security Utility.

  • The users are recommended to download the latest version of the McAfee Security Utility.
  • When asked, then select to save the file on the hard disk to any convenient location.
  • Now when the download gets complete, then navigate the folder consisting of the downloaded stinger file.
  • After this, “Run” the file.
  • Then by doing this, the McAfee Security Utility interface will appear on the screen.
  • By default, the McAfee stinger will scan the running processes, WMI, loaded modules, registry, and directory locations used by the malware on the machine to keep minimal scan times. If required, click on the “Customize my scan” option to add additional directories/drives while scanning.
  • Note: Stinger can scan the Rootkits target that is not allowed by default.
  • The scanning procedure for the specific directories/drives click on the “Scan” button.
  • Thus, the stinger will, by default, repair infected files that it finds.

So, this is how the users can use the McAfee Security Utility. Apart from this, mentioned below are the key features of McAfee Stinger.

Key Features of McAfee Security Utility

McAfee stinger is a great tool that recognized the specific infection and removes it from the computer system. Moreover, it is a free antivirus tool that is compatible with windows and iOS operating systems. It pretty simple and easy tool that comes with a list of malware that it can remove without many efforts. Also, it aims to perform the task for several other fake security malware in a bit easier way.

  • User-friendly interface
  • The tool launches immediately
  • Scanning areas can be customized fully
  • It is suitable for all users
  • It’s a very lightweight tool and does not affect the PC speed.

Pros and Cons of McAfee Security Utility

Pros of McAfee Stinger

  • It is the only utility that provides parental controls on all subscriptions
  • It provides assistance and support option, with inclusive of 24*7 call and chats service
  • Easy to understand user-interface and leaves no room for confusion

Cons of McAfee Stinger

  • The subscription length is limited
  • On one subscription, there are a maximum of 10 licenses available
  • Update not available, and the user will have to reinstall

How to download and Install McAfee Stinger for PC?

If you have more than twenty employees or a growing business, then McAfee Security Utility is for you. It allows the users to host the entire security system on the cloud to ensure that they are safe in remote work situations. So, the users who want to avail the benefits of the McAfee Stinger should download and install the software. Thus, below mentioned are the steps to install and download the McAfee stinger tool.

  • The users are suggested to download the McAfee Security Utility on their computer system from the trusted link.
  • After this, choose the “Save” or “Save as” option to download the program.
  • Note: Most antivirus programs scan the program for malware, viruses while downloading
  • If the user selects “Save,” then the program file will get saved on the downloads folder.
  • If the user chooses “Save as,” they can select the location they want to save on their system.
  • Once the download procedure gets complete, click on the “.exe” file twice to run the installation procedure.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions that appear on the screen until the installation gets complete.
  • Now McAfee stinger icon will appear on the desktop.

Thus by following the above-stated procedure, the user can easily download and install the McAfee Security Utility on their device. For better virus protection, the users are suggested to download and install McAfee Anti-virus. Therefore, to accomplish the download procedure, visit the official website, i.e., Moreover, users can also get in touch with McAfee’s experts for McAfee products and services.

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