Mcafee Vs. Avast

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McAfee vs Avast

Between McAfee Vs Avast, which antivirus is best, or which one will come out on top. Sometimes, it cannot be very clear to choose which antivirus software is best. So, through the help of the detail provided here, one can easily choose the perfect antivirus that fits their needs. 

For all users, we have here put head to head info about McAfee vs Avast, so that it becomes simple to choose the best antivirus software. Both antivirus software offers multiple features to keep the system protected from several security threats. So, while creating this McAfee vs Avast comparison, we have provided detailed features, pros, and cons of both products.


Let’s begin our comparison with a look at what exactly McAfee offers to its users.

McAfee’s Features


The antivirus software keeps updating every day by the McAfee central database and ensures that new malware cannot fool the firewall because of the outdated virus definitions.

Virus Scanner

This feature systematically checks the computer files for viruses, spyware, or malware. Once such viruses are found, the scanner eliminates them.

Optimization Tool

This tool helps the user get rid of the data or junk files and speed up the system’s overall performance.

Password Manager

It stores all passwords in secure management so that the user doesn’t have to remember them all.

Identity Theft Protection

This feature alerts the user whenever their personal information, such as social security numbers or credit card details, are at risk.

Avast’s Features

Junk Filter

This feature enables the user to filter their inbox better.

Webcam Protection

This tool stops anyone from hacking their webcams feed to watch them secretly.

File Shredder

It enables the user to delete the sensitive files for good.

Pros and Cons

We have penned the pros and cons of both antivirus software for all users, so scroll down and check the details below.

McAfee Pros

  •     User-friendly
  •     Works excellent in detecting malicious websites
  •     Experienced Customer support team
  •     Two-way firewall protection feature
  •     Protect the user in real-time

McAfee Cons

  •     Average performance in malware detection
  •     Effects the performance of the system
  •     It slows down the system scan.
  •     Phishing detection is below average.

Avast Pros

  •     Avast has several security suites, and all of them offer advanced security features and extra utility tools than other antivirus software.
  •     It provides excellent protection against malware, and it returns very few false alarms.
  •     It provides the best security with a minimal impact on the system’s performance.

Avast Cons

  •     It is expensive in comparison with other malware protection antivirus software available in the market.
  •     It has limited password manager features.

·      It has a low anti-phishing score.

Customer Support

Both McAfee and Avast have a dedicated customer service team; the experts are always there to assist the users. Both McAfee and Avast have an excellent customer support team and help the user throughout the process. McAfee and Avast both offer a high level of user satisfaction. 

All Avast users can reach experts through email or live chat. There is a technical phone support option, but this is a paid service. Moreover, Avast provides a detailed FAQ on their official website.

McAfee provides phone and live chat support for its customers. The experts are always there to assist the customers throughout the day and night. There is a large online support hub with a forum, chatbot, and knowledge base.

Final Verdict

We believe that after checking out all features, pros, and cons, McAfee is the winner. In almost every single category, McAfee is a preferable choice except in case of pricing. McAfee is a little more expensive than Avast. To Install Mcafee Antivirus visit

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