McAfee vs Norton : Which Antivirus is Better?

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Mcafee and Norton are both well-known antivirus software available in the market that provides complete protection against harmful threats. In addition, both antivirus software offers password managers, encrypted storage capacity, internet security suites, and VPNs. Along with this, both antivirus software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and mobile device. However, if the users cannot find which antivirus is better, they should check out the complete information provided below.

McAfee vs Norton

Norton Features

Following mentioned are the features of the Norton antivirus software.

  • It includes an intelligent firewall feature with several customization options.
  • It provides web protection & browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  • It provides performance optimization & system cleanup tools.
  • It involves VPN with no limited browsing data.
  • It has a password manager feature.
  • It also includes parental control feature.
  • It has a Dark web monitoring feature.
  • It has a cloud storage space of 50 GB.
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

McAfee Features

Mentioned below are the features of Mcafee antivirus software. So, scroll down and go through the features provided below.

  • It includes a customizable firewall feature.
  • It offers web protection & browser extensions for Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • It provides system tuneup tools.
  • It has a network scanner feature.
  • It provides a VPN with no limited data.
  • It has a Password manager (TrueKey).
  • It has Identity theft protection (For US users only).
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

McAfee Pros and Cons


  • VPN included in all pricing tiers (with automatic renewal)
  • All versions support Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • McAfee Shredder eliminates all traces of erased files
  • Virus Protection Pledge money-back malware removal guarantee with auto-renewal


  • VPN, identity theft protection, and virus guarantee included only with auto-renewal
  • Full identity theft protections require an extra subscription

Norton Pros and Cons


  • VPN included in all packages
  • LifeLock financial/identity protection/insurance included in all multidevice tiers
  • SafeCam feature protects webcams from hacking
  • All versions support Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • All tiers have free add-on cloud storage


  • Deep initial discounts mean relatively higher renewal prices
  • No 10-device coverage except for the $350 a year Ultimate Plus package

Ease of Use

McAfee antivirus software is much easier to use in comparison with Norton. Thus, there are many users for whom ease of use is one of the primary key aspects. Therefore, when it comes it ease of use, McAfee is the best. 


Protection is the major concern that the user looks for when it comes to antivirus software. So, ranging from common malware protections to defense from online threats such as phishing scams, ransomware, both antivirus products have a suite of tools that helps the user keep their device secure.


Both antivirus programs have a wide range of scan options. So, the users can choose the “Quick Scan” for a simple check for the most common system location where a virus may take hold. Else, the user needs a thorough scan, and they can go for a complete system scan, which will scan the entire device and eliminate the threat, if any.

Final Verdict

Norton is a better choice than McAfee because its security suites have more security-related functions and additional services. However, both software has a low impact on device performance, but Norton has improved anti-malware protections than McAfee.

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