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Mcafee Webadvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor is a perfect companion that will safeguard your digital life and offers a relaxed, confident, and happy internet surfing. It is a no-cost product of McAfee Activate that identifies the risks in your online activities and warns you before you open or download a malicious website or file. While designing this product, McAfee analyzed the threats a user might come across online. Since the internet is full of hackers and cyber-threats, this product of McAfee has become is top-rated and highly used software among the users. It is basically a browser add-on that can be enabled easily after downloading and installing it on your system. To know more about this ultimate product of McAfee and to understand the process for its usage, you must review the information provided below.

What McAfee WebAdvisor Offers to Its Users?

McAfee Webadvisor is full of beneficial and remarkable features. It offers best-in-class protection that can take your online experience to the next level. The following are some of the offerings of a web advisor. Knowing this, you can gain a better understanding of the software. 

  • Misclick protection and security
  • Typing protection
  • Secure online downloading
  • Review the status of Firewall
  • Easy to understand security

Instructions for downloading and Installing McAfee WebAdvisor


  1. Turn on your computing device and run a web browser on it. 
  2. Then, type “” into the browser’s address field and press the Enter key from your keyboard.
  3. This will launch the McAfee WebAdvisor official webpage on your computing device. 
  4. Here, you can review the product and know more about it.
  5. After that, click the tab stating “Free Download” so as to begin the process. 
  6. Wait until the file gets successfully downloaded on your system. While the process is on, you can review it through the progress bar.


  1. On the completion of the download process, locate the file in your system, and double-tap it. 
  2. The UAC (User Account Control) popup box will now turn up. Grant your permission by clicking the “Yes” tab and let the application make the necessary changes on your system for the successful software usage. 
  3. As you permit the software, the installation will come into sight. 
  4. The primary window has a Thank you message. With this, on the bottom left corner, you will find the links for the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click the links and examine the documents thoroughly. 
  5. After that, tick marks the checkbox for accepting the agreements. 
  6. Finally, click the “Install” tab. The process of McAfee WebAdvisor installation will now commence. 
  7. Wait patiently until the process is done.

Learn the Procedure to Enable the Extension

McAfee WebAdvisor is compatible with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browser. You can add and enable the extension so as to protect your online activities and enhance your web surfing experience. The process for the extension enabling is given below.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser and lookup for the menu icon. 
  2. You can find the stacked menu icon on the top-right corner. Click it and choose the “Add-ons” option. 
  3. After that, select the “Extension” option.
  4. You will now find the WebAdvisor extension there. Click the “Enable” tab located beside the software.

Google Chrome

  1. Start by running the Google Chrome browser on your system.
  2. In the main interface of your browser, look at the upper-right corner and click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” option. This option can be found in the form of three vertical dots.
  3. From the list of options that prompt, choose “Settings”.
  4. In the next window, select “Extension” and get the list of all the available extensions. 
  5. Move to the WebAdvisor extension and click on its toggle button. Once it’s done, the google button will turn blue in color.

Internet Explorer

  1. Launch an Internet Explorer browser on your device.
  2. Then, select the “Manage Add-ons” option followed by selecting “Tools”.
  3. A list of options will now prompt. Select McAfee WebAdvisor from the list and click the “Enable” tab.


Q1. Is McAfee WebAdvisor compatible with both Windows and Mac OS devices?

Ans. No. WebAdvisor software is compatible only with Windows devices. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows OS, version 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. However, For Mac OS devices, web advisor does not come as standalone software. You can get the web advisor for Mac as an added feature in the McAfee cybersecurity solution.

Q2. What information does the WebAdvisor extension collect and why?

Ans. McAfee WebAdvisor collects some of the information when installed and enabled on your browser. It collects the data of the websites that you visit while surfing the internet along with the searches that you make. The data web advisor collects helps McAfee to provide a better and improvised service. Using this data, McAfee shows you the relevant ads and displays useful information.

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